Assholery at Indy

“You don’t know shit!” You mumbled in a voice loud enough for the entire room to hear.”

For 89 years, the best of the best fire service instructors from around the world come together at FDIC.  Thousands eagerly engage in this unique opportunity to keep sharp on the skills previously learned as well as acquire the newest cutting-edge education.

That’s the good part.

Other “learning opportunities” present themselves as well; unplanned and unexpected moments which often leave a more indelible impression.

San Francisco Fire Department Rescue Captain Justin Schorr was in the middle of his presentation on MCI- “Engine Company: First Strike MCI,” presented Thursday when it happened.  He relates the sad details in his blog, The Happy Medic.

Read and learn from this assholery:

Dear Random Township Fire Department at FDIC

Written by Justin 16 Comments

I enjoy FDIC.

I enjoy the random mix of folks you meet.  For example, I met the Director of Training of the Tokyo Fire Brigade just moments before having a pint with member of FDNY’s 27 Truck.  You meet all kinds.

All kinds.

Positive…and the random township firefighters, this year’s “bad apples.”

Positive…and the random township firefighters, this year’s “bad apples.”

I have no idea if you are career or paid, nor do I care, but your attitude needs a serious adjustment.

When a fire service instructor, chosen by FDIC to present their topic, says something your limited experience disagrees with, that is an opportunity for learning, not for walking out.

I’m not going to share specifics, although I could because you were proudly wearing the T-shirt of your company (I wore a collared shirt, but you know, do what feels good I guess).  The instructor made the offensive, at least to you, remark that some fires require a defensive stance.

Observers may have thought that the speaker asked to date your 8 year old sister.

“You don’t know shit!” You mumbled in a voice loud enough for the entire room to hear.
Most of the 100-150 folks in attendance were shocked.  You got up and the three of you walked out thinking you were the studs of the pen, marching back to your grand castle of righteousness.  How wrong you were.  Your actions spoke much more than your limited words.  Instead of challenging the instructor on the merits of the point, you decided to show your inexperience and arrogance by walking out after a few mumbled comments about “real firemen” and “aggressive tactics.”

I stayed.  I learned.

You left.  You lost.

If you’re going to storm out in a huff when a seasoned, experienced and educated instructor challenges your limited experience, just stay at home for conferences.  Or fire calls for that matter.  Don’t care if you’re career or volunteer.  If the facts challenge your limited experience, perhaps it is your experience that is wrong?  If you disagree with an instructor, you have the following 3 options:

  1. Shut the Fuck up.  Yes, I capitalized Fuck.  Sit there and learn.
  2. Sit through the presentation, take notes and stay after to discuss your issues with the instructor.
  3. Present your own observations for consideration for presentation at FDIC, or any other conference for that matter.

Please note that storming out in a huff is not on that list.  Nor is disrespecting the instructor, audience and Fire Service as a whole by taking this action.  Then again, you won’t listen to me, I’m just a Medic.  In addition, I’ll likely see you making a fool of yourself on the town tonight, still in your Department’s T-shirt, probably telling the bartender that she has a beautiful smile.

Real original.

If you take the time to seek out education, do me a favor:


If you’re there for the party, start the day when the rest of us are out of class.

Humbly submitted,

Your Happy Medic

Source: Dear Random Township Fire Department at FDIC – The Happy Medic