Good FF Bad FF- Onley VA Lt charged, others may follow

A firefighter with Onley VA Fire-Rescue has been arrested and charged following an investigation into several suspicious fires.

News out of Virginia of another firefighter/arson arrest, with possibly more coming.  Here’s a report from WAVY-TV on the latest:

Source: Onley fire chief reacts to firefighter arrested for arson | WAVY-TV

The fire chief then took to social media to handle the crisis with the following message on the Onley Fire Rescue facebook page:

Onley Fire Rescue responded to an unusually high amount of fire related incidents during the winter of 2015/2016. Once a pattern was noticed that OFR was responding to more suspicious fires that normal the Virginia State Police was notified. VSP was requested to investigate each fire that appeared suspicious, it was my feeling from the beginning that the person or persons that was starting these fires was a member of the fire service, and most likely a member of OFR. This concern was communicated to the investigating agent.

We are deeply saddened that our early conclusions were correct, and that a member of our department has been arrested, Brandon Haynes. We believe that further arrests are possible and that the additional arrests may involve junior members of our department. It goes without saying that we are hurt by the extremely selfish behaviors that have been exercised by these person or persons and in no way does it reflect the value system of the members of Onley Fire Rescue or the fire service as a whole.

Chris Davis
Fire Chief