Near Miss: Propane Tank BLEVE

“We responded to a twenty-six foot camper that was on fire in the driveway of a residence. Two twenty pound propane cylinders were in front of the camper involved in fire and one was venting. My captain told me to hit it with the 1 ½ handline. I tried to explain to him the possibility of a BLEVE. He had no training on BLEVE”s and still wanted me to put water on it. As I was discussing the situation with the captain, one of the twenty pound cylinders did BLEVE. The captain was thrown across the road twenty to thirty feet. The engineer was blown under the running board at the pump panel. I was shielded by apparatus. I grabbed the engineer and we ran to the captain and helped him to his feet.”

Check oFullReportut the full report which contains the specifics on this near-miss incident as well as offering takeaways, discussion topics, and other training resources:


  1. Where do you have propane and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in your response area?

  2. Do you have any large LPG fixed facilities, and do you have preplans for them?

  3. Where are your local propane filling stations?

  4. How would your crew handle a residential propane fire like the one in this report?

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