Out of the Academy, Into the recliners.

Here is a Facebook post passed along to us at Fire Weekly.  It was authored by Jarrod Sergi from Norfolk Fire.  You can find it here at Trial by Fire.  I

Good stuff!

 April 21 at 6:00am ·

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around this: people will stand in front of peers, family, and friends and swear an oath to protect life and property.

Somehow those same people will be the very last preparing to uphold that oath. They simply exist at the station.


They finish the academy and then it’s off to the recliners.

What did they raise that right hand for? Maybe the oath sounded like this in their minds: Will you solemnly swear to only do the bare minimum? To only act like a firefighter when there is benefit to gain. Will you, with your utmost commitment come to work and spend more hours complaining about what you can’t fix than you will making yourself a better firefighter? Lastly, will you continue to be a liability and danger to those around you?

We have no room for this in our profession.Zero.

Stomp out mediocrity, strive for excellence and hopefully by setting the example we can save just one of these fouled up oath takers.