“Tonight, it was a phone call from a 6 year old boy.”

The following Facebook post was submitted this week.  It’s from the timeline of Jason Harmsen, a firefighter st Clayton County Fire Department, a Paramedic/Lieutenant at Metro Atlanta Fire Department and firefighter at East Point Fire.
Lt. Harmsen eloquently offers a glimpse into an often undisclosed part of the job- the inevitable absences from home.  It’s a reminder of what is really important- and how difficult that may be for your baby to understand.


“My oldest baby called me tonight, crying his eyes out. He said he misses me and wants me to come home.

I have been teaching a 40 hr class-which equates to at least 50 hrs as an instructor. In addition, I had to work my regular shifts at work 2 nights this week.

I cannot relate in words how much a job like this can take a toll. It doesn’t take something as drastic as a bad wreck, or a gruesome scene, or baby not breathing to get to you. Tonight, it was a phone call from a 6 year old boy.

If you know someone in public safety, this is not an unusual occurrence. Please remember this- we give up a lot to take care of people out here who often don’t care, are uncooperative or are even hostile toward us. I’m not asking for a pity party – just remember these folks. It’s not always excitement and crazy experiences. Sometimes it’s lonely and full of guilt- my boy wants me and here I am.”